Rural Life of Pakistan

God has blessed Pakistan with Fertile Land , Pakistan has largest irrigation system , Many Rivers run through the country and water the land . Due to this water Pakistan grows different kind of crops like wheat , cotton , sugarcane etc.

Working in FieldsPakistanis are very expert on using their land the natural way , They still use old tools and technicians of farmings.

Mango Pakistan produce lot of fruits and Vegetables . Pakistan grows many special kind of Mango. Export of Mango is almost  1,80,000 MT . villagers are attached to this trade and they benefit from it many ways.It provide them with work and food.

Bulllock cart still being used in Pakistan
Villagers use animal driven carts for transportation

People use Animal Driven Carts to transport their goods and to go to fields and back home . They use them to markets as well. People use Bullock Carts , Donkey Carts , Camel Carts and they use them in many other ways like to use them to drive grass cutting machines and to draw water from wells .

Tea Making in a VillagePeople use natural resources to fulfill their most of daily work  , they cook food and raw sticks .Taste of these foods cook this was very tasty and unique and i am sure its very healthy as well.These resources are almost free or very cheap and it easily available in area.

Camel Grazers People grow animals to get benefit from them in many ways , they use them for transportation , for food and for work in fields . These animals are much better than those grown up in modern day farms.

Village Life Villagers live close to nature the depends on natural resources . For food the grow vegetables in fields and grow Animals like goats , sheep, cows , buffaloes and camels .

A road srounded by treesVillagers enjoy nature see how beautiful this way surrounded by tress look . They get shelter and wood from these trees . Environment is very healthy and full of life.

Beautiful Sunset Rural life is full of life and glory of nature.Villagers complete almost all of their daily work in day light and in evening the sit together with friends and family and enjoy beautiful and relaxing moments of evening . See how Beautifully sun of this evening shining for last few minutes of day.

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